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Product Information:

This machine is the new item that we developed for another pouch packing after the products is packed by blister packing machine. It is used in the fields of pharmacy industry, food industry and cosmetic. Roller type is adopted for four side sealing, which is more beautiful than pillow type slice packing machine and have fine tightness. It improved the moisture proof and photo phobic capabilities of aluminum plastic after packing.

1) Machine adopts a PLC programmable controller and menus type vision on man machine interface which made the running programming and operation fast and convenient.
2) An imported frequency changer is adopted for step less speed adjustable, intelligent temperature controller regulates the temperature at the sealing. It is reliable in performance, convenient in operating.
3) The photoelectric tracking system and two-way compensate function are adopted, accurate in measuring.
4) Roller type four-side sealing is adopted. Not only fast in speed, stable in function and low in noise, but also firm an sealing, reliable in airtight, smooth and delicacy in bag’s outlook, and extraordinary in packing efficiency.
5) Easy to adjust, do step-less adjustment for the pouch length without changing mould. A simple machine is suit- able to do kinds of products.
Main technical parameters: